Friday, May 18, 2007

Boys and snails

What is it about boys and snails? Why do they like them so much? Why do I hate them so much? I was out gardening this morning and kept coming across snails, so I'd call one or both of the boys over and they'd pick it up like it was nothing and put it with their collection. Then, they'd put the snail on their dumptruck and give it a ride. Jonathan was putting his snails on the swing and giving them a ride. My only requirement is that they smash them when they're done. Snails are real. Rolly pollies are real, too. So is the grass they're running around in and the sunshine and the light spring breeze. I want my children to be brought up in the real world, not the false one of video games, movies, and all the other junk children are exposed to. My children have wet feet and dirty legs, not glazed over eyes and ADHD.

Why do boys like snails?

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Choice? Choice? What choice?

I was reading Dr. Mohler's Blog this afternoon and was really struck by a couple of the posts he had made about the fact that 90% of unborn babies diagnosed with Downs Syndrome are aborted. The main point of both posts he wrote was that where do we draw the line regarding the reasons for aborting a child? He said that many pro-abortionists agree that a the life of a child can be terminated because the mother simply does not want a baby, but they are in a quandry as to where to draw the ethical line for aborting certain babies. It seems to be starting at birth defects and/or other problems, but where will it end? Hair color? Eye color?

For the record, I am completely and utterly pro-life but actually, this post is not about my stance on abortion. This post is not about a woman's "choice" to kill her unborn child, but rather about our choice in adoption. When a woman gets pregnant, she gets what she gets. She doesn't choose the gender, hair color, intelligence, abilities or disabilities. But, as adoptive parents we get that choice. When we signed up for our daughter, we said we wanted a girl, ethnicity wasn't an issue, but we wanted one who was relatively healthy with no significant problems. This all seems pretty logical, but sometimes I get a little pin-prick in my conscience. Since we can "place the order" for our child, is it right that we pass over the "undesirables"? Or should we just say, "We want a child..." and if we get a healthy one or one with Downs, FAS, blind or deaf or LD then we will still praise God and raise this child the best way we know how? I haven't yet answered this question in my mind. We have a couple months yet, before we will be renewing our application and going for our fourth (and last) child. I think I may have to pray about this one!

Monday, May 14, 2007

My first blog post

Wow, I can't believe I actually have a blog. This is amazing. And cool. While the name of this blog is "The Happy Gardener", it's not really all about gardening. While I enjoy gardening out in the yard, my primary joy is tending my husband and three children. I want to also talk about little about homeschooling, which we will be starting with our oldest child soon. And whatever else comes to my mind.