Thursday, October 18, 2007

Running around naked

I used to be a pretty good writer. Or, at least a prolific writer. When I was in 6th grade, that is. I was pretty smart as a kid and when I was in elementary school we had this individualized math. You just kind of went at it at your own pace. I always finished the program early in the year, and since I was a good kid, my teachers just kind of let me do my own thing during math time. (I guess it never occurred to them to let me get started on the next grade level. Maybe challenge me a little!) Anyhow, in 6th grade I started writing stories. I wrote so many little stories. My teacher loved them. I was so uninhibited then. I just wrote what came to mind. But now, my insecurities and inhibitions crowd out what little creativity and talent I may have left. I'm afraid to write in my journal because what if I died and my husband and kids read what I'd written and they'd find out what I really thought about things. Horrors! And I started this blog, but have really been afraid of writing anything that means anything because it would feel like I'm running around outside naked and open for judgement and everyone else's opinions. Which is really kind of arrogant, becuase that's assuming someone would actually read this blog, out of the millions of blogs out there. But, that's the way I feel. I need to get over it and just write. That's what I need to do!