Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Farmer girl

Having a two year old daughter is... well, something. MissyLou is absolutely the joy and delight of my heart. Yes, I love my sons to distraction and would do anything for them, but there's something about a little girl.... Anyhow, yesterday I took down the toy farm for her. The boys never really played with it, they just made a mess with it and it got in the way. So, we put it up in the closet. But, when I remembered how much fun MissyLou had with a friend's doll house, I thought, "Farm... dollhouse... same thing" and got it down. She has played with it non-stop. And yesterday morning, I observed the most precious little scenario. The boys were outside playing, so she got to play uninterrupted. First, she lined all the animals up in a row outside the barn. Then, one by one, she put one in front of the door and said, "Horsie pooping!" Then, she pretended to be picking something up off the ground and fed it to the horsie (or cow, or sheep) and said, "Here's chocolate chips!" (she gets chocolate chips are her reward for going potty), and then she galloped the animal into the barn and said, "Horsie going to church!" And she did this with each one of her animals. It was sooooo cute. She truly acts out in her play the things that are going on in her life. Incidentally, she is not pooping in the potty yet. Potty training has been a long, dragged out process with her. Probably because she's number three and Mommy just doesn't have the time or energy to be as super-consistent with her as she was with child number one.

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Linda said...

Awww ... can you post a photo of her playing with the farm? Too cute for words! Those are the moments you treasure forever that's for sure.