Monday, September 15, 2008

Being the princess

Missy Lou is definitely the princess. She's pretty much adored by one and all. But she and Duh-duh are pretty tight. They play together the best out of all the combinations of children and seem to understand eachother pretty well. This morning I was getting breakfast ready and usually all the kids are clamoring around me like baby birds waiting for the worm, but the two youngest were missing. I went into Missy Lou's room and saw this...
Duh-duh was reading to her and she was laying in bed playing with her dollies. What a life!


Kim said...

Very sweet! Thanks for stopping by yesterday. For some reason, your comments wouldn't post. : (

Christine said...

How precious. Sibling love.

BTW, I am not sure I will be making it to Mugs again. :( I am so bummed but my Aunt is coming up and I am so excited. I know you understand and I promise to make one as soon as I can.