Friday, November 12, 2010

A Month of Thankfulness

Thankfulness Thing - November 12. Homeschooling. I'm not always thankful for homeschooling. Somedays I just hate it. Somedays I just want to pack those kids onto the nearest bus and let some other person deal with the whining and the refusal to do work and the squirreliness. But, in general, I am thankful that I can homeschool a) legally, b) with my husband's blessing and support and c) somewhat competently. There are a lot of reasons why I homeschool. I think I've probably blogged about those reasons before, but it is a good thing for our family and I love seeing the progress my children make. I love watching Bubba do math. I know that sounds weird, but Singapore Math is such a good fit for the way this child thinks that I get a real kick watching how his brain processes the problems and he comes up with the answer. I love doing history with the kids and seeing them appreciate it and like it. I love choosing their curriculum. All in all, as much as it is a lot of work, the house is usually a disaster because the mornings are so intense with school that I'm just wiped out in the afternoon and all that goes along with it, I am very thankful for homeschooling.

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