Monday, November 22, 2010

A Month of Thankfulness

Thankful Thing - November 22. My Daughter. Right now she is throwing a tantrum. And boy howdy, can she throw a tantrum. She's pretty amazing. However, even in the midst of her tantrum she is being obedient by not pounding on the door. I know I said I am thankful for my kids, but there's something very special about a daughter. And this one is truly a gift from God because He gave her to us in a miraculous way. When you adopt from foster care it is highly unlikely that you will get a newborn or even a very young child. I had reconciled myself to that, and yet I still prayed that God would somehow give me the experience of having a newborn. And He did. And one day in early March, shortly before noon I received a call from the County saying they had a two day old baby girl for us and could we pick her up that afternoon? Wow! My world turned upside down. I dropped the boys off at Grandma & Grandpa's, made a quick stop at Walmart for some essentials and then hubby and I raced off to the hospital. I still remember walking into the hospital. We were scared to death. The social worker took us where the babies were and I remember hearing a loud crying and thinking, "Boy, I hope that's not her." It wasn't. We signed a few papers and walked out with our baby girl on that blustery March afternoon. That was almost five years ago. She's not a baby anymore. Actually, she thinks she's 16 years old. She has been such a joy and a blessing in our family, though. I am truly thankful for her.

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