Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sick kids!

It's Sunday morning and I'm home with Missy Lou. She threw up last night. Just once. And she seems to be fine this morning, but we decided to stay home, just in case she does have something that's contagious. Bubba had the same thing on Wednesday. I just chalked it up to exhaustion on his part, because he was fine the next day, but maybe there is some kind of virus going around with a 3 day incubation period and you throw up just once. It was kind of funny - Missy Lou threw up around 10:00pm last night, so I made her a little bed in the corner of our room. I prefer the kids to sleep on the floor in our room when they're sick like that so I can be right there to help them if they're sick again. Anyhow, she fell asleep pretty quickly and then a couple hours later we were awakened by this crunching noise - it sounded like she has something plastic in her mouth. So both Hubby and I were all, "Missy Lou, take that out of your mouth. Stop that and go to sleep!" It stopped. A couple hours later it happened again. I got up and was pretty firm with her, "Missy Lou, what is in your mouth? Take it out right now!" She very sleepily answered, "Nothing!" So, I went to the bathroom and when I was in there it dawned on me that she really had nothing in her mouth. She was grinding her teeth. I grind my teeth, but I never knew what it sounded like because obviously, I was asleep. I sleep with a mouth guard now, so Hubby has never heard me grind my teeth. I guess that'll be something to talk with the dentist about at her next appointment!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

Wow, I haven't posted in 2 weeks. There is a reason. I've been busy. Last weekend was crazy. It was the big Heinrichs Family Reunion - non stop fun for 2 1/2 days. Started Friday night with dinner at my cousin Myron's house. We had a good time and I think the kids jumped on the trampoline for 3 hours straight. Then, there was a little baseball game going and Bubba actually got some good hits. He's used to hitting off a "tee", but he was pitched to and managed to give it a good wack. Saturday was all day at my cousin Sheri's house. The weather was perfect and the kids swam and played and ate junk food and I visited with my cousins and Mark watched the kids. He was a real trooper, since he didn't know hardly anyone there. That was a very long, but very good day. Sunday we had a church service, then that afternoon was a little down time so we came home and took naps and then spent the evening at my cousin Arlene's house with more swimming and yummy food from a taco truck. It was such a great weekend. I was dreading it a little, because I am just not a social person. I don't feel comfortable in large groups of people who I know, but not really well. I prefer smaller, more intimate gatherings. But, I really enjoyed myself. I have a great family. Of course, we spent all week recovering. Poor Bubba took the longest, and it didn't help that he had Vacation Bible School every morning this week at my mom's church. Wednesday night we were on our way home from dinner at my parents' house and he threw up all over the car. I knew he wasn't sick, his little body was just in rebellion from playing so hard (he just goes full bore with everything he does) and all the junk food he ate (Saturday I never saw him with less than 2 lollipops in his mouth at once) and no naps and late nights. But, we're all doing fine now. And in my next post, I'll tell you what we did this weekend and why I am completely exhausted once again!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Feeling kind of crafty!

I'm not a terribly crafty person, but occasionally I find something that looks doable and cheap, so I give it a try. I found this cute little project in some mailer I received from a company trying to get my to buy their magazine. You know, how they send those things out with recipes and weekend projects and such to tease you a little. Well, this is one of those projects and it turned out really cute. It's actually a candle holder. I bought little vases (I thought the actual votive candle holders at Walmart were too small) and glass beads and this smelly craft adhesive at Walmart and it all went together fairly well. It was easy and I am pleased with the results.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Day at the Lake!

Yesterday we spent the day at the lake with some friends of ours. They co-own a boat and invited us up to spend the day. We had a great time. The only boat the kids had ever been on before was a row boat at Hume Lake, so this was a big adventure for them.We got there around 10:00 in the morning, so not many people were on the lake yet. After we loaded up, we were off. We tootled around the lake for a while and then found a nice little cove and let the kids swim for a while. They had a great time doing canon-balls and then we got out the raft and they played on that for a while.

After they got tired of that, they attached the raft to the boat and our friends' daughter and her buddy got on and off we went for a whole different kind of fun. The kids had a great time watching the girls trying to hold on while their dad tried to shake them off. Then, Hubby and the boys got on. I've never seen such a big smile of Bubba's face. He had the time of his life.
And yes, I did get on, too. They didn't tell us that until we got going we had to scoot back and keep our weight toward the back of the raft, so Dawn and I were laying on our bellies and all the sudden the front end went down and we went under. I was so glad I had my life jacket on. But, we figured it out and away we went. What a blast!

So, we spent the day taking turns on the raft, and just enjoying the sun and the water and forgetting about all the cares of home and life. What a great day!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Necessity is the mother of invention!

My kids are so hard on toys. No, let me re-phrase that... my boys are so hard on toys. They did at one time have a t-ball set. But, I think that lasted only about a week and then it was destroyed. Well, they really enjoyed playing real t-ball this spring and so they invented their own t-ball set.
So, first they used the stand from the original t-ball set they received. They didn't have the base, so they have to balance it really good. Sometimes they use a plastic container from the nursery that I brought home a flat of 6-packs in. That doesn't always work so well. As a ball... it's an old bubble bottle. They use some scrap pvc pipe for a bat. Hubby was fixing the sprinklers some time ago and they scavanged this pipe from what was left over.
And then, it's "PLAY BALL!" They really have a good time with it.
Even Missy Lou gets into the action.