Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Little Bit of Summer Heaven!

OK, this post is going to be about one of my most favorite things about summer - fresh salsa, aka pico de gallo (if you really want to sound fancy). I live for fresh salsa. I could make an entire meal out of fresh salsa. It is what makes summer summer. But, what makes fresh salsa fresh salsa, you may ask? Well, let me share. First, you need your fresh grown tomatoes. Do not, I repeat, do not use those red spheres you buy in the grocery store. You may as well just save yourself the time and effort and buy salsa in a jar.

Just look at these bad boys. Yummy! I peel them, because that's just what we do. We peel tomatoes. And dice them. Roma tomatoes are good for fresh salsa because they're less juicy, but I use the regular kind too, and just strain the juice a little. Then you add your onion (red or yellow, doesn't matter, I've been on a red onion kick lately, so that's what I use), your jalapeno (I'm experimenting this summer in my garden with a new kind of jalapeno called "Mucho Nacho". The website said it has "less heat and more meat". I like it. It has that yummy jalapeno flavor, but doesn't knock you on your backside if you get a big bite of it.), and your cilantro. The cilantro I have to buy because it doesn't grow well in the summer. It just bolts way too fast.

So, once you got all that chopped up and mixed together, you add a little red-wine vinegar, salt, pepper and garlic powder "to taste". And I have to say, "to taste" is the operative word here. Because it's really very important that you really taste that salsa to make sure it's perfect. So, get out your big bag of chips and taste your little heart out until you are sure that the salsa is just right for your family. Even if it means going through a couple dozen chips in the process.

Because really, isn't your family worth is? It takes a lot of time and effort to make the salsa, so it is imperative to taste a lot of it to make sure it's just right. Go ahead! Pile it on that chip and enjoy!

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Carolyn said...

Yummy -- I just made some today. My boys love it too!