Wednesday, April 25, 2012

And it only took 15 minutes!

We had a tree taken out today. It was a Raywood Ash. You know, they are beautiful trees. Very dark green foliage and very dense.  But, they have root problems.  And this one wasn't in a good place to give us shade. It was in the southwest corner of our yard and to really give us shade when we need it, it would need to be in the northwest.  And, we wanted to plant our new Elberta Peach tree. So, it had to go.  We discussed how this was going to be done.  Hubby thought about doing it himself. Of course, he'd have to get a chainsaw.  And it would probably take a while.  But, we knew he could do it.  Or, we could hire someone.  After much discussion, we decided to hire it done.  I'm telling you, it was the most amazing thing I have ever in my entire life seen. Seriously. And I've seen some amazing things.  Elephant seals on the beach are pretty amazing. They're gross. But amazing.  I've seen Rio de Janeiro.  That's an amazing place.  Dangerous. But amazing.  But cutting down our tree was truly amazing.  The crew showed up a little after 8:00 and they didn't mess around. That chainsaw was going in no time.
The kids were fascinated. I was thankful for the big windows facing our backyard because they had an excellent view without being in the way or in danger.
Watching those guys was like watching a perfectly choreographed dance.  The one guy would cut pieces off, they'd haul them out of the way and then drag them off.
They all knew exactly what to do when. I was as fascinated as the kids were. When they'd gotten all the foliage off, they cut down the trunk (they left the stump, cut off at the ground), dragged the remainder of the tree to the front, put it through the shredder, got out their broom and blower and cleaned up the debris and left.  I'm telling you, it was all done in 15 minutes.
That, my friends, is truly amazing!

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