Friday, April 27, 2012

And they're off!

Today was the day of the annual homeschool track meet.  It's a pretty casual affair. We don't compete against other homeschool groups, just amongst ourselves, but we sure have a good time. It was a beautiful day for it, too. We have the meet at this place out in the country behind a mountain in the middle of a bunch of orange groves. It's a mission organization that processes food for the needy in other countries. (That's basically what they do, in a sentence. It's a very wonderful organization with ties to our homeschool group)  Anyhow, they divided the kids up into age groups and did basic track and field events.You've got your foot races...
javelin toss (which was actually a plastic missile of some type, but it worked and nobody got hurt)
There was shot-put....
And jumping....
The kids all had a great time. The weather was just perfect. Sunny with a cool breeze.
My kids all did well in their events, too. Here's Bubba in a foot race. He took home about eight first place ribbons.  Now, granted, he's eight years old and was in the six to eight year old group, so he was one of the older ones, but he's also a really good athlete.
After the events, we had hot dogs and chips and salad and fruit for lunch and then the awards ceremony and then everyone started heading for home. It was a wonderful day. I love getting together with our homeschool group, probably as much as the kids do!

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