Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Perfect Saturday!

This has been a good Saturday. Lately, Saturdays have just been too busy. I've had to go up to the Big City and get my allergy shots most Saturdays, and since I'm up there I might as well do a Costco/Target run!  Which ends up taking up the whole morning.  And then I'm tired, too when I get back.  But today... today... no shots. I'd gotten them on Thursday when I took Missie Lou to get tested for allergies (she turned out to not be allergic to anything, so now we've got to figure out what's causing the fluid build-up in her ears if it's not allergies).  Today I got to make a Regular Saturday Breakfast which includes bacon and pancakes. And since we had a ton of oranges from my parents, we had fresh squeezed juice. It was yummy.  Someone had given Hubby a bag of oranges at church, so I put those in, too, but I had quite a surprise when I opened them up. They were dark red inside. Blood oranges. They made the most beautiful juice. It was red orange juice. After breakfast we used the orange rinds to make bird feeders. You know where Duh-duh got the idea? From his standardized test. Is that not a hoot? Apparently, in the reading comprehension section they had directions for making a bird feeder. So, Duh-duh thought it was pretty neat and wanted to make one. We had enough oranges for everyone, so we have lots of bird feeders. And they've been getting customers today. Sweet little finches. I love those birds.
I did yardwork most of the morning, which was great. I know I've said this before, but yardwork is so satisfying. Here's Baby playing with the kitty. She just loves that cat.
  And then this afternoon, I went to the nursery. Yes, I know, it's a dangerous place for me. I think we've discussed this before, the fact that I have no self-control when I go to the nursery.  But... I was on a mission. Since our neighbors took down their shade tree, we were determined to replace it, on our side of the fence.  So, I got another Chinese Pistasche. And I asked the nursery man for one with lots of color. The kind you want is the Keith Davies variety. It is just brilliant in the fall.  So, here it is. I had to run and get my dad's pick-up to take this bad boy home with me. I'm standing there looking at the mini-van and the tree (and the whiskey barrel, I also purchased) and thought, "this isn't going to work!" Fortunately, my parents live close, so it all worked out.
Then I went grocery shopping and stopped to get these.... these... jewels. Don't they look delicious? The road side strawberry stands are popping up all over the place. I love this time of year. Oh my word. It is the best.  The kids all had some and then the box was on the table and all the sudden Bubba says, "Baby's in the strawberries" and she'd gotten up on a chair and was covered in strawberry juice and had the biggest smile on her face. I don't blame her. They're delicious!
So, there you have it. What I consider the perfect Saturday. Hubby's gonna get a tri-tip on the grill for supper and we'll end this day right.

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