Thursday, May 3, 2012

Another Gardening Post!

Well, this is another one of those gardening posts. It's that time of year. Spring. My garden is just thriving. Seeds are sprouting. Things are growing. I just love it! Look at my tomatoes. Don't look at the weeds. They're coming up, too. But my plants are doing just beautifully!

Here are my cucumbers. Once again, don't look at the weeds. But the plants are doing great. They're about ready to embark upon their journey up the trellis. I love trellis gardening. Did I tell you we planted some canteloupe seed on our trellis?
This poor little guy is summer squash. That's been discovered by the snails. You can even see his little friend that was eaten off completely. It's there right by the black irrigation tubing. Poor thing.  Did I mention I really  hate snails?  They are the bane of my existence.
Here are my climbing roses.  They are going berserk on the arbor Hubby built several years ago.
See that big plant (relatively speaking) growing there? It is a pumpkin plant.  We planted so many pumpkins last year and got a grand harvest of one pumpkin.  I even pollinated the flowers with a paint brush. And we got nothin'! Well, almost nothin'.  But, my mom gave me this pumpkin plant. She went to some shin-dig at a local nursery and they were giving away seedlings for giant pumpkins. So, she got one for me. And we are going to try it again. Eighth time's a charm, right?
Anyhow, I'm not sure if you can see the brown color of this dirt. Yes, I know, all dirt is brown, but this is a darker brown. It's so different that Hubby kept thinking that the soil was just damp and wasn't watering it. But, but we discovered that it wasn't wet at all. It was dark brown because it was the dirt that was under the compost bin that we moved.  This small plot of land is the most fertile in our whole farm because for the last several years all the compost juice has been seeping into it.  So, I guess it's a good place to grow our pumpkin.  Hubby also planted some watermelon seeds there, and I think the ones below are canteloupe seedlings.  So, we should have a mess of viney things growing here this summer. Hopefully we'll get some fruit.

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