Thursday, May 31, 2012

One of those things from when I was a kid....

I don't remember much about my childhood. Most people don't. I mean, I remember snapshots of Christmas at Grandma's house, picking figs in Grandma's backyard, diving for grapes that Grandpa would throw in the pool. Stuff like that.  But there is one thing that I distinctly remember, which is very strange and it has affected my entire life.  And that is the end of my blog post for today. Thank-you for your kind attention.
Just kidding. No, seriously. When I was a kid, my mom always had my hair cut short. I don't know why. Maybe she just didn't want to mess with long hair.  But I still remember once our family was in a restaurant and I was probably 5 and I was wearing a purple turtleneck (it was the 70's my friends, that was high fashion) and the waitress said, "Would you like milk for your boys?" and I can't remember if I said it or just thought it, but I remember thinking, "I am not a boy!" I'm sure I looked like a boy.  But that incident stuck with me my entire life. After I was old enough to have a say in how I wore my hair I never had short hair again.
And I promised myself that my daughters would never have short hair, either. And so every morning at the breakfast table we have this little ritual. I carry my equipment around the table and do hair.
Missie Lou has been in to braids lately. So we do her hair in braids.
Doesn't she look cute? I love her hair like that.
We just do the two pony-tail thing with Cee-cee. She likes having her hair out of her eyes.
Yeah, I know, the part leaves something to be desired, but you try to make a straight part on a wiggly three-year-old who's eating breakfast. So, this is as good as it gets.
And Baby, who has a lot of hair, too, gets her hair done in the morning as well. Sure, it's a lot of work, but it's just one of those things...

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