Friday, May 25, 2012

Teaching Bible!

You know, one of the biggest difficulties I've had in finding curriculum has been in Bible class. You would think that it would be fairly easy, but it's not. Some people might say, why not just read through the Bible. Yeah, I guess I could do that. But.... some things just aren't age appropriate, either from a content standpoint (think Sodom & Gomorrah or Song of Solomon) or it's just not really understandable or relevant for younger children (think Leviticus).  Of course, I could just avoid all that, which I probably would, but... ok, I just like having a curriculum. It's easier. For me.  So, for a couple of years I used this curriculum by Gertrude Hoeksema. It was actually really good from a theological standpoint. It taught more in depth than anything I've seen on the market.  It went pretty much chapter and verse through the Bible and I'm telling you.... I learned a lot myself. I knew that my kids would have an excellent foundation in Scripture by going through this curriculum. But, I ended up giving up on it because it was all oral for the kids and it was a little dry.
So, I continued my search and found this curriculum. I think this one's a keeper. It's called "God's Great Covenant" and it's put out by Classical Academic Press. It goes through the Bible from start to finish, just like the one I used before, but it's not quite as in depth. However, it has a little more to it to keep the kids' interest.
There are things to fill in, this week we're doing Moses and the Ten Plagues and they have this nifty chant you can learn to remember the plagues and what order they come in.  There's memory verses, too.
So, I've been very pleased with this new curriculum. We're all using it and it's a little much for Missie Lou at times, but I think she's getting something out of it.  So, if you're looking for a good Bible curriculum, I'd highly recommend this one!

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