Friday, May 18, 2012

Those Little Extras.....

You know, some days it's a struggle just to get the basics done in school. There are a lot of basics - reading, grammar, spelling, Bible, math, science, history and Latin. We also manage to do geography and health on Fridays as well. But, sometimes I do try to get in those little extra subjects, especially art, which Bubba loves. We've got this curriculum called "Artistic Pursuits". Unfortunately, we haven't done art much this year, so I haven't gone through it too far, but it's a pretty good curriculum.

Today we studied "form".
It was a pretty good lesson and for the "hands-on" portion we made sculptures out of quick-drying clay.The kids seemed to have a good time. Of course, they're used to play-dough. With that you can make something, squish it up and make something else. Well, you can't do too much of that with this stuff. Plus, the idea was to make a sculpture that would be permanent. A work of art.
That's why I made them these handy-dandy little platforms to display their work. I also had them give their art piece a name.
I really would love to give the kids more of these little extras. We've already added keyboarding to our curriculum for summer, but art and music are so important.  So, I'm working on being more consistent on our Fridays in adding in those extras that really make for a good education.

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