Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Do You Love Hydrangeas?

I do. I really love them. I used to not. But now I do, and I'm not sure why. Just one of those things. Maybe it's in the maturing process. I used to hate coffee, but now, I love it. Can't do without it.  When I finally started liking coffee in my 30's my grandma made the comment, "Well, she finally grew up!"  This is from a woman who had coffee as her middle name.  Actually, her middle name was Ruth, which is my middle name.  She wasn't given a middle name when she was given her first name, so she chose Ruth as a middle name when she got older. I used to not like the name Ruth, either. But now I do.  Ok, so I digress. Back to hydrangeas. So, I have a couple of hydrangea bushes.  There's two in my fern garden.  They are Lace Cap Hydrangeas.  They aren't quite as popular as the Mophead and everyone asks me when they're going to be in full-bloom.  They are in full-bloom. This is it.
Another variety I have is called Angel's Blush. It's a hybrid and it has cone-shaped blooms that start out white and by the end of summer are a dusky pink.  Love them!  One thing I love about hydrangeas is that they make fabulous bouquets.  At our church, we take turns bringing the bouquet for the front by the pulpit. Now, one thing about that is, you have to have a pretty good sized bouquet or no one will see it.  So, that can be a problem. But I always sign up in June because that's when my hydrangeas are blooming and I can pick a spectacular bouquet in a matter of minutes. I just stick the bunch in my huge lead crystal vase (which probably should be registered as a lethal weapon because it's big and heavy and could cause some serious damage if I dropped it on someone's head) and lug it to church and there you have it. I get all kinds of complements!
So, June is hydrangea time. I've had a bouquet on my table the whole month and have enjoyed it immensely! Hydrangeas. They're a good thing!

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