Sunday, June 24, 2012


Well, people, I did it! I'm done. I've still got paint in my hair and around the edges of my fingernails, but I'm done. Put away the rollers and the paint brushes, threw away the drop cloths, peeled off the masking tape. Done. This is what the walls basically look like. This is Bubba's side of the room.  He loves dinosaurs.  The top of the border is a little lighter shade than the bottom. Both in shades of brown.  The secret is, get the border first, then find a paint chip that goes. And I just picked one paint chip and picked two colors off it. Then I knew they'd go together.
This is Duh-duh's side of the room. I know, I know. You're asking, why did I do two different borders?  Well, there's a reason. The boys are as different as night and day. Black and white. Cheetoes and fudgecicles. They are different in looks, build, temperament, abilities, interests..... everything.  And so, as I was looking up borders I couldn't find one that matched both their interests and I didn't want one to have to compromise. Yes, learning to compromise is a good thing, but.... let's just say it's a complicated thing and leave it at that.  So, they have their own sides of the room and borders that suit their interests.
Here's the girls' room. It's girly. Pink.  I like it. It's cute.  Of course, Hubby said, "The rooms looked great until the kids put all their junk in them!" And that's the truth.  We switched around the furniture and all their toys yesterday.  They were pretty excited.  And they had so much junk. I'm embarrassed to say that in this whole process of switching rooms, I hauled four garbage bags full of broken toys, bits of race track and plain ol' trash to the garbage.  And they still have a lot of stuff.  I'm just not sure what to do with it all.
So, this week I get to start sewing valances for the windows and work on their bedspreads. Sewing is a job I relish more than painting. Not quite as messy.  So, here begins another week and Phase 2 of the Great Summer Redecorating Project.

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Carolyn said...

Good job! I'm glad you got the rooms all painted and them moved around. I'm sure it will look great once you get the valaneces in too!