Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Gettin' Done!

I hate painting. I case I haven't mentioned that before, I really hate it. But, I'm too cheap to hire it out. So, here I sit, with paint all over my pants, in my hair, on my hands and everything else, screaming, "Don't touch that wall! Don't touch the door frame. Don't touch anything! Get out of here!"  Aren't you glad you aren't my kid today? Sure you are!  Although, there have been some perks. Like lots of t.v. Cee-cee is like Bubba in that way. She can sit for hours and watch t.v.  The other kids will watch, but not with the rapt attention as Cee-cee and Bubba.  So, I was a bad Mom today, well, this week, and while the older kids have been at VBS in the mornings, I've been using the t.v. as a babysitter.  As you can tell, I'm overwhelmed with guilt. And paint.  But, it's better to be overwhelmed with guilt than overwhelmed by small children covered with paint. And what do those child psychologists know anyhow?  So, I'm taking a brief respite right now and then I'm getting back to work. Yes, I am killing myself.  But if I don't just get it done now, if I quit for a while, I won't go back to it and it will never get done. That's the way I am. So, I work and work and work. I can't do a "little each day" like some people.  But, I've gotten the back bedroom done, the hall done and the trim done on both rooms. I hate painting trim. I hate painting trim more than I hate painting walls.  OK, my glass of iced tea is finished and I need to go get started on the front bedroom.  One thing I've discovered, as I've been painting.... the carpets really need to be cleaned, too!  But I'm not going to do that myself.  I know a guy!  Well, I know the wife of a guy!  So, I'll just give him a call.  Back to work!

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