Monday, June 25, 2012

It Truly is the Garden of Insanity!

If you walk out the pedestrian door of our garage you'll come to a narrow side yard. It's mostly concrete. We keep the trash cans there and all other sorts of junk we can't seem to get rid of. There's our neighbors' out-of-control hollyhocks growing up and over our fence.
Lovely! Hey, stay on your own side, would ya?
That's the front half. The half leading to the backyard is actually my fern garden and is really very lovely. There's an arbor covering it and lots of ferns, hydrangeas, a dogwood and some Japanese Maples. And our compost bin is back there. And then.... there's the approximately 9 square feet of extraordinarily rich soil that our composter used to sit on, which I have recently labeled The Garden of Insanity. The plants we actually planted were a pumpkin vine and a few watermelon seeds.  All sorts of other things have sprung up on their own and I have to admit, we've become kind of like plant hoarders (can a person hoard plants?) because we really should have pulled them all out, but we let them stay. And look what has happened!  There's cantaloupe vines everywhere. We have the mystery squash, which I have finally determined is an acorn squash.
We've got a hundred zillion watermelon vines all over the place. And look here.  This watermelon vine is sneaking up and attacking the poor, unsuspecting grapevine that is sharing a pot with a zinnia. Oh, the violence in the plant world!
But even amidst all the tumult and unruliness in the Garden of Insanity, new life appears.  See that little baby watermelon?  Isn't it adorable?
There's even a couple basil plants fighting for a bit of space and a chance to live.  But isn't that what all plants want? Just a bit of space and a chance to live. Who are we to deny them that?

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