Thursday, June 21, 2012


"Love is patient;" 
I saw love today.  I saw it yesterday too!
"love is kind...."
I was taking Bubba to VBS. And there they were.
" .... it is not resentful...."
They aren't really that old. Retirement age, yes. But not elderly.  More like the age where you should be traveling and enjoying the grand-children.
"... love bears all things...."
But she's not well.  She hasn't been well for years. Her mind is very sick.  So, there's no traveling.  Except their morning walk around the block.  He tenderly guides her.  He's patient and loving.
".... hopes all things...."
There's no grandchildren, either.  There were no children. 
"...endures all things...."
But he is there for her.
"love never ends." (I Corinthians 13)
I saw love today.

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