Thursday, June 7, 2012

Out and About on the Farm!

I wish I lived on a farm. As it is, we must do the best we can with the small amount of space we have.  But, things are growing. And we're having fun.  Come, have a look with me. Here is my cat Nikki. She's our grandma kitty. She's about 11 years old.  She's grouchy.  And arthritic.  And a little bitter since we kicked her out of the garage for the summer.  So, she sleeps on top of the air-conditioning unit when it's not in use.  I love her, though!
Here's my hydrangea.  Did I tell you I have a thing for hydrangeas? I love them. I've got a couple of varieties and if I had a farm, I would grow a whole lot more.

Here is the composter. It is very important that you understand this. We've had the composter in the same place for several years. It makes very good compost. The interesting thing is, that one of the by-products of the compost is this very nutrient rich juice that kind of seeps into the soil over time. So, the soil under the composter is extremely fertile. Well, this year Hubby wanted to grow some melons in this area, so we moved the composter over about 3 feet.
And look what is growing in it's place. We did actually plant watermelon.  And a pumpkin plant. But, we also have all manner of volunteer cantaloupe plants growing.....
as well as a mystery squash. I have no idea what this is. But we'll let it stay and see what happens.
And here's a sweet little basil plant peeking up in the midst of all the viney chaos! You can never grow too much basil. That's what I always say.
And here's a grapevine. I'd really like to take it out of the pot, but there are zinnias growing in there, too and I don't want to disturb them. So, we're growing a grapevine in a pot. With zinnias.
And here is our real garden. It's getting a little shabby looking. The wind-storm we had Monday knocked over some tomato cages. And then the errant baseballs with children following them doesn't help things, either. But, this the main garden, such as it is.
And this is the cucumber I'm going to pick for our dinner. I only grow Japanese cucumbers. I tried the regular kind a couple years ago, but had such a problem with bitterness that I decided I wasn't going to mess with them anymore. And I've mentioned before that I grow them on the trellis. It's a great way to grow cucumbers. Keeps them up out of the dirt and saves space.
So, there you have it. We do the best with what we've got. And somehow, it seems like we always have room for more!

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