Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summer Reading....

We take about 6-7 weeks off of school in the summer time.  We all need a break and there are usually some projects I want to get done. Plus, there's VBS and swimming lessons.  But, one thing we do every day is read aloud.  We take a break from our usual readers and enjoy reading one of these books. These are the greatest books. There's a whole set of them, published by Christian Liberty Press. They go by grade level and they are all called "Christian Liberty Nature Reader" they just differentiate by which book they are. This year we are on book three with the boys. Missie Lou is going through the Kindergarten book.
These books are so awesome. My kids love them. They are full of interesting information and are very well written.
Last Monday when my mother-in-law was here Duh-duh read to her. She even commented on something she learned from the reading. Right now we're learning about ants. Ants are fascinating little creatures. Today we read about slave ants. I didn't know that there is a certain type of ant that actually makes slaves out of other ants. These slaves do everything for the ants. I was amazed. I also learned that the queen ant can remove her wings. They just kind of come off. Then she can put them back on. They don't tear off or break off. It's like they're hinged or something. Very interesting.  So, if you have children and want them to keep up with their reading over the summer, or even during the school year, I would heartily recommend this set of books.(here's the link if you're interested Christian Liberty Press)

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