Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Do you know what VBS is? Well, technically it's an acronym for Vacation Bible School. Most churches have it during the summer. It generally lasts about a week. Kids come in the morning to church and have crafts and games and songs and a Bible lesson.  When I was a kid it took place in backyards in the evenings.  Now, it's gotten to be a big deal. And for some of the larger churches in the area, it's a great big huge hairy deal - with lights and sound effects. It's kind of like going to Disneyland for a week. Well, not quite. But, it can be a big production with hundreds of kids showing up!  Fortunately, for us, it's a rather modest deal. We had 27 kids at our VBS today and it's been going well. I must admit to having not so great an attitude at first. Yes, my kids would participate and I would help, but all I could see was the chaos of getting somewhere on time every  morning and then being done by noon and having to come back home with two little girls falling asleep in the car and not getting much nap, but also not being able to fall asleep again and get the right amount of sleep to not be completely cranky at 4:30 in the afternoon. You know what it's like.  And then, I've worked at VBS before. At a large church. Where it was a great big huge hairy deal. I helped with games, and that was no fun. The leader was very unorganized and most of the days were filled with absolute chaos. Have I mentioned before that I really hate chaos? Some people can handle it, I can not!  So, I just didn't have a good attitude. However, I must say that the week, so far, has gone well.  Yes, mornings have been crazy and we've been late every day. The girls have fallen asleep in the car on the way home and that's not been fun. But, our VBS has been pretty well run and things are just humming along smoothly. All the kids seem to be enjoying themselves and learning something.  So, I'm getting a better attitude about things and must say that I really kind of like VBS. It's a good thing!

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