Friday, June 29, 2012

Yummy Harvest!

I was out in the garden this afternoon and look what I found. Onions and tomatoes. Yumm! We've been having some cucumbers ripen up, though there aren't any available right now. I've also harvested a few summer squash.  I have to tell you, though, these onions have just been a delight. I planted them last fall and they are still going strong.  They are tasty and delicious and they smell so good when you pick them.  These are something you really have to grow because they are so easy to do. They take little to no care. Well, you do have to water them if you live in a desert like I do, but if you get regular rains, you probably don't even have to do that.  The only thing I would recommend is.... plant them in loose soil. Makes it a lot easier to harvest. We planted them in a raised bed with special soil and they really did well.
I know I've mentioned my fruit salad tree before, but here it is again, and I'm telling you, this is something you must have.  It's one tree. That's it. It can fit anywhere in your landscape.  And it has three different branches. They're grafted on, of course. A peach branch - which is what you are looking at here.  This is a branch containing the queen of all peaches - the Elberta.  In my opinion, they are the tastiest peach and they're even better when you can leave them on the tree until they are just perfectly ripe.  They aren't quite ripe yet!  We like these peaches so much that we bought another peach tree. It just has peaches on it. It's not the grafted kind. We actually got it at Costco, believe it or not. I'm telling you, you can get anything at Costco. I love that store.
Here is the plum branch.  It contains the queen of plums - the Santa Rosa Plum. Oh the joy of eating one of these delicious morsels.  They are as sweet as can be on the inside, provided you let them ripen up.  That's the thing about store bought fruit. They never pack it ripe, so you can't really get the true essence of what that piece of fruit can be.
And this is the nectarine branch. It contains Fantasia nectarines which are yummy, too. Although, I'm not too huge a fan of nectarines. They're a little acidic.  But the Fantasia is indeed sweet and yummy!
And here are the Shasta Daisies growing under the fruit tree.  They're just pretty. That's why I took a picture of them!
I love this time of year. It's so hot outside, but I love the fresh produce. And then thing is, gardening isn't all that hard. Anyone can do it. It just takes a little attention, is all.  But it's fun and rewarding and healthy and delicious. And you know where all the food you eat comes from. Right out of your backyard.

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