Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Rite of Passage!

 It's one of those things every kid has to do in order to call himself a "Real Kid!"  Yeah, right up there with popping wheelies on your bike and perpetual skinned knees. It's "Learning to Start a Fire with A Magnifying Glass and Paper!" There are a lot of variations. Of course there's the whole "Burning Ants with a Magnifying Glass", but that's kind of scary. For the ants.  And you can also burn leaves. But, my boys learned on paper.
 They were having a really good time this afternoon.  Got a little smoke going. Burned a few holes in the newspaper.  And then... all of the sudden, I'm finishing up my lunch (the kids had long since gone) and I'm looking out the sliding glass door and I see Bubba running first one way screaming.....
and then the other. I knew he had gotten a little carried away and was now panicking! But I also figured there wasn't a lot of danger since he was doing it on the concrete.  So, I went out and helped him out with a bucket of water.
So, now we have a few guidelines.  Like, you can only burn paper in the backyard under Mom's supervision with a bucket of water handy. Oh, and the neighbors have to burn paper in their own backyards. Once I looked up and I saw three other kids getting ready to burn holes in their own papers in our backyard. That's when I put my foot down. I don't mind my own kids becoming little pyros, but I am not about to risk my home to the arsonist tendencies of the neighbor kids. Mean ol' Mom!

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